David Carnell Memorial Field

Northeast Mississippi Community College softball program calls David Carnell Memorial Field in Booneville Westside City Park home when hosting opposing teams.

Booneville’s Westside City Park is located off Third Street and Field 1 is located just off of Dallison Drive adjacent to the main office for the city park.

Booneville’s Westside City Park also features batting cages and bullpens for pitchers as well as restroom and concession facilities operated by the City of Booneville.

Seating includes a pair of grandstands one each side of home plate and ample seating is available for fans wishing to bring their own lawn chairs.

Northeast and Booneville City Park hosts numerous tournaments throughout the year including the annual College Exposure Tournament -- a high school tournament that brings in 20 high school teams from three states; Northeast's annual TigerFest tournament in late February along with various fund-raising tournaments such as the Lady Tigers' Make-A-Wish Tournament in the latter portion of May and the David Carnell Scholarship Tournament which is held in June each year.

For a 360-degree view of David Carnell Memorial Field, click and hold the photo below and rotate either left or right.